Importance of having a for sale board

Importance of having a for sale board

Now that we are moving into a more digital based marketplace, it may be said that some people think that there is no need to promote a property with a for sale sign at the property but this is certainly not the case. There are a number of strong benefits that come from placing a for sale sign at your property if you are motivated to sell your home.

Of course, we understand that there may be mitigating circumstances for not displaying a board but these should be discussed with your estate agent at the earliest opportunity.

You can alert your neighbours to your sale

Whilst many people will have close relationships with their neighbours and that they may have already informed them of their intention to move however your next door neighbours can certainly help you find a buyer.  If your neighbour is not aware of your intentions then a for sale board may spring them into action by discussing it with their friends and family who have always said that they wanted to move to that area. After all, your neighbour lives there so that is a strong endorsement.

You never know who is passing by

One of the most important reasons for vendors having a for sale sign outside of their property is that you never know who is passing by your home. Someone who passes by on their commute, who is visiting friends, may not be actively looking to move but may like the area and decide to act on impulse. While a property is not the best example of an impulsive purchase (unlike a TV or a new car) but you will often hear people say “If a property comes up in that area I would be interested to move there”. A for sale board will trigger this process.

You can provide information with a for sale sign

A board at your property not only advertises the fact that your home is for sale, it can provide a phone number to call the estate agent, a website address for those looking to read more before making contact, or even a QR code, all of which will allow potential buyers to learn more about your property without enquiring with you directly. It used to be that a for sale sign would lead to people coming to your home, knocking on your door and asking questions but a well designed for sale sign can provide valuable information to potential buyers, minimising the fuss a property owner may have to deal with.